Saturday, May 18, at 17:00, Library EuropaNova

EUROPE Barefoot

Poetry evening with writer OCTAVIAN BLAGA

A poet blessed by the gods from Dacia and all the others.

Ion Murgeanu

There is no place on earth
that has not left me without crying or singing.

No stone in the sun
that has disappointed me with at least one of his calls.

No shadow, no thought gave me no shelter or falls.
The moment remains suspended between day and night

Do not call me in vain. I would not come.

It does not even remains the memory of my existence.

It seems that life has been a halt.

Octavian Blaga (born August 1, 1973, Remeţi, Bihar) is a writer, journalist, translator, researcher. Five lyrics publications. Presence in the International lyrical Anthology with poems in Romanian, Latin, French and English. Author of essays and travel books, volumes of ethnographic research and dialectology. Laureate of the International Poetry Award. Activ, in 1990, in the cultural media, publications as editor of the culture.

EUROPE Barefootis the latest creative product of Octavian Blaga. The extensive multilingual poem is a cry of the poet who feels deprived of joints in a Europe apparently increasing poor spiritual meanings, but also European citizens marginalized, ignored and deprived of identity, anonymous in Europe.

PAF : 5 euro (drink ticket included). Entry is free for students (less than 26y old).

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